Shirley Maia-Cusick

When I was growing up, my father told me every single day, “You don’t complain about things, you fix them.”  As a Brazilian born American citizen, successful business owner, proud mother, grandmother, wife, and immigration advocate, I have faced many of the issues that affect our daily lives. My experiences and steadfast belief in responsible government prompted me to run for the U. S. Senate in New Jersey. 

I bring the fresh image and can-do spirit that will enable me to act on behalf of my constituents, and help restore their faith in their representatives in Washington D.C. 

Their everyday life concerns will be my motivation.

Why I am running for U.S. Senate as a Republican candidate:

  • Recover Family Values – Nurturing moral decision-making skills and well-developed social attitudes, including care, love, and support of the family.
  • Protect children and the rights of parents in our schools – Parents teach moral values, NOT school
  • Advocate for legal immigration and better representation in Washington, DC. 
  • Support law enforcement – Abolish “catch and release” sentencing, keeping repeat criminals from wreaking havoc on the public. Shirley wants to be the Advocator of Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Local Police Officers, Active Military, Retired  and Veterans as well.
  • Shirley supports EMS/Our Emergency Responders Statewide.
  • Exercise the U.S. Constitution without prejudice.

I am committed to always serving the people of New Jersey through both my words and my actions. I will do what I say, and I will always tell you what I am doing. 


To regain our majority in Congress, we Republicans must stand up and do the work needed to make that happen. Let us work together to support Republican candidates and help save our great country!

Thank you for your consideration.

Shirley Maia-Cusick
Republican Candidate for US Senate
Short Hills, NJ 07078
Ph. 862-596-9692

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